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Our expertise is your peace of mind. 

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Moving you from a place of scarcity to abundance.

Do you feel like there is never enough money? Some days you think you will never get ahead. You wonder if you should just call it quits. 

Do you not know where all the money is going? You can't figure out how to get the financials to show you where the money is going. It is coming in and going out but it doesn't seem to add up!

Do you just not know what step to take next? It all is overwhelming. Managing a business is not my thing. I just want to do what I do well and let someone else handle everything. 

We can help! 


Women Owned Businesses


Meet Audrey Blackburn

My goal is not just about balancing your books.  I want to see my clients make money and have a healthy bottom line.  The goal of a healthy business is to make a profit!  I want to see my clients set and meet goals to that purpose.  I can help my clients in a variety of ways, but it’s my skills that prove to be the most beneficial.  For instance:

  • I am a Certified QuickBooks Pro Advisor!  I am proficient in both QuickBooks desktop and online versions.

  • I am certified in a variety of programs that work with QuickBooks Online to provide efficiency and more extensive analysis of data.

  • I am a trainer and coach who can work with you on various aspects of your business or nonprofit.

  • I speak in plain English.  Let’s face it – accountants and the IT department always have the reputation of talking over the heads of their clients.  I am not going to talk down to anyone, but I’m also not going to overcomplicate things.  I am a straight-shooter. 

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