Audrey Blackburn

I was born and raised in North Carolina!  There's nothing like being a Carolina Girl!  We are clever and full of adventure, with a whole lot of sass.  I love my Southern roots, but I also love to travel. 


In addition to my role as accountant, my favorite roles are that of wife, mother,  and sister.  Spending time with my family is what life is all about.


My personal interests include travel, cars (fast ones!), and spending time with friends and family.  If an ocean or pool happens to be a part of those moments, all the better.  I’m part tomboy and part girly-girl. As a child – I had many different ambitions, including that of teacher, hair stylist, and racecar driver (I even had a chance to race my car at the Virginia International Raceway!)  But I found my calling in accounting. 


I’m a multi-faceted woman with an entrepreneurial spirit, and I believe in big ideas and big dreams!  I love to pursue mine so I also love to encourage others to pursue theirs.

My Business Goals & Background

I am an entrepreneur and the president of Blackburn Consulting, LLC.  It is my privilege to bring over 20 years of accounting experience to my clients. 


I have a bachelor’s degree from The University of Phoenix in business, with a minor in accounting.  I also have a master’s in accounting from Gardner Webb University. 


While I work with for-profit businesses, I have a particular niche for non-profit accounting.  The unique needs of non-profit organizations require a different caliber of accounting, and I am happy to help guide and direct my non-profit clients.

Everyone faces unique challenges.  While my primary focus is on accounting, I am a business coach who loves to encourage others to succeed. 


I’ve learned many valuable lessons throughout my career.  It’s part of what makes my coaching techniques useful for my clients.  I am a voice of real-life experience.  I know what it is to try to find solutions amid adversity.  When I’ve fallen down, I’ve gotten back up.  When I advise a client, I advise based on what I know – not what I’ve read about.


It’s important to me that my clients know they can trust me.  I worked in small businesses and nonprofits for years before I branched out on my own, and I understand the challenges.  My goal is simple:  To help my clients achieve their financial goals.  Ongoing, consistent evaluation of an organization’s overall health is critical to that objective.  We can’t achieve these goals if we don’t know the details about our financial health!

Are We a Fit for each other? 

Accountants aren’t one-size-fits-all.  For instance, I am not a tax accountant or a CPA.  It’s essential for my clients and me to talk so I can best understand their needs and make sure I am the best person to meet those unique needs. 


With that said, please click the button to schedule a free, 30-minute video consultation with me!

My Personal Background

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