I see you beautiful. You started your business a while ago. You've been working hard, trying to make this work. You want it so bad. You get clients but you know you aren't charging enough. You know you are worth more but you are afraid that people won't pay what your work is worth. At your last job you weren't given the salary you deserve because you didn't have enough education, you didn't have enough experience, you _____. You bought into the lie that you aren't good enough. Now as a business owner you are still believing the lie. But what should my prices be? 

You are barely getting by, maybe you aren't even taking a paycheck at all from your business or maybe you are but it simply isn't enough. You want more. You got into this for more. Your kids deserve more. You deserve more. I've been there. Struggling, knowing that what you offer is great but not knowing how to do that next thing that will move the needle forward. The next thing that will make a difference. 

Or maybe you have simply found yourself in the same spot I found myself. Working hard for money but having nothing to show for it at the end of the day. No profit, little to no pay. You get frustrated. You get angry. You feel defeated. You see others killing it on Instagram. Why does everyone make it look so easy when it isn't? 

Know you are enough. Your work is great. You don't need to work harder. That isn't the issue. You are not the issue. You simply need a new way of looking at things and someone to come along and help you take the aligned steps you need to take to light you up again, to show you that this can be good. You can be paid and you can have a profit. 

Are you ready to take the leap? You have to be willing to do the things that you need to do to make it happen. You need to be ready to take action. Otherwise, this won't work. This isn't for those who want someone to do it for them. This is for those women who are ready to move out of the scarcity. You are tired of struggling. You are ready to make this business yours. 

What you get:

  • 90 minutes of consulting time with me through Zoom Video Conference. We will get to the heart of the issues, whatever they may be and breakdown the problems and give you solutions. 

  • Clear, proven action steps you can take immediately. You walk away with actual solutions and action steps you can implement that 


One time fee of $497

Contact Us:

5116 US -158, Suite 102

Advance, NC 27006


Tel: (336) 940-4180


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